Friday, March 28, 2014

We Drink, Therefore We Are

Dasein Drinks (Ethan Longoria, Martin Aucion, and I, Brett Farrar) is all about togetherness in being. Before I took my turn to pick the beer and write the blog post, I recalled a conversation the three of us had about drinking being one of the last and most truly communal activities. On the night we met to have our tasting, Martin had made a blood orange beer cake and I had brought chips with my homemade spicy red salsa. 

"Community" is just thematic. Add to these facts that Ethan was late because he was in a car accident, and as I wrote the first draft of this post, I sat next to a special someone who was over to work on an essay for class.

Photo: Brett Farrar
Why not, then, choose an intimately-crafted beer by Community Brewing Company in Dallas? 

Inspiration is a Belgian dark specialty ale, a style that seems to be the norm for Belgian beers, it's delicious. 

It is named for the street on which the brewery was built, hence the descriptor "intimate." As I discussed the origin of the name, Martin brought up a somewhat metaphysical idea, with which he is greatly familiar, that a "location" becomes a "place" when people interact with it and have memories and ideas bound to it. Good conversation. 

Then, according to Ethan, more good conversation; to Martin and me, a half-hour headache. 

This is totally impertinent to the blog post, but I figured I'd let it be known that I'm done using the term "agnostic atheist" forever. Because (even though I eventually understood it) another discussion like this in symbolic logic may give me an aneurysm.

----Description and rating----
Inspiration was worth the effort of opening a bottle cap encased in wax.  First impression was high carbonation.  I was especially careful when I poured it.  The nose is best described as fruitcake.  Hints of orange zest.  Taste was similar, but minus the orange and plus some banana and a spicy bitterness.  The texture was extraordinarily bubbly due to high carbonation.  As it warmed up, the carbonation subsided, yielding a creamier feel, and the smell and taste both added strong notes of apple cinnamon.

Rating--  We agreed on a 7, but I myself shy away from strict numerical ratings.  I'd rather describe my thoughts in a nutshell statement.  It's a quite good beer.  Not necessarily one to have regularly, but worth mentioning and worth keeping around for a good day.  Like today.

"I'm going to prove you wrong."  --Ethan J Longoria

The J is for Jerk

(This blog post is written by Brett Farrar)

Sunday, February 23, 2014

A Saint on Friday

Sitting in a booth, David Bowie's "The Man Who Sold the World" plays on the sound system. The chatter of people, drama being expressed linguistically behind me. Yet here I am, with co-contributor Brett Farrar, sitting in silence, nursing our first few sips of Saint Arnold's BB6. I break the silence by muttering "something profound should be said right now."

We had sat there for a few minutes, completely in bliss from this beer. Every sip was a continuation of a conversation, perfectly matching the cool North Texas weather. A preamble to the coming spring. Not long after, we were joined by fellow Dasein Drinks member Martin Aucoin, beer in hand and instantly noting a rum smell and molasses flavor coming from his snifter.

Photo courtesy of Brett Farrar

The Saint Arnold BB6 is the sixth installment of the Bishop's Barrel line which are limited release barrel aged beers, with this release being the Pumpkinator aged for nine months in rum barrels previously owned by Appleton Estate. With a 13% ABV one could imagine this beer having a boozy taste, and to fans of the Pumpkinator you would imagine it would taste very similar to drinking pumpkin pie. This beer, does not. The smell is rum with notes of cooked pumpkin, fresh but refined. Now the taste, quite divine. More like pumpkin bread, slightly spiced, almost whipped creme flavor and molasses. While the beer was cold the flavor was complex and rich, not too heavy like a usual stout. The aging appears to have taken the edge off.

As the beer warmed up the flavor changed to resemble the original Pumpkinator, a favorite of Brett's beaten only by the BB6 according to him. 

As the night passed on, Martin and I engaged in a discussion on ecological policy, while Brett went off for another beer. All of us gave this beer high praise and hope that Saint Arnold finds a way to bring this out again in the future.


"Maybe there is a god. And he lives in Houston, TX, and he had the idea to put the Pumpkinator in rum barrels for 9 months. And his name is actually Saint Arnold."   -Brett Farrar

Sunday, February 16, 2014

An Introductory to Dasein Drinks

What is Dasein Drinks?

"Dasein," is the German term for "Being There." It is a central concept in Heideggerian philosophy where the essence of "Being There" is present in happiness, despair, and boredom, most notably in regards to when you're alone.

With Dasein Drinks I hope to add a twist to this concept that "Being There" doesn't have to be while alone. I hope to instill new concept of dasein that involves a community, involves a group of friends sitting around consuming beverages or simply living life. Dasein, in terms of my thinking, is that feeling you get when you're aware. Dasein, ceases to be "being there" and becomes "being together."

So join in this adventure.
Ethan Longoria.